About me.

This is my story

About me

I have been a musician since I can remember. My first love was the violin, thrashing in front of the television to Vanessa Mae on VHS. Then I discovered the guitar and since then I’ve been involved with some of the most amazing musicians and events playing my music and doing what I love.


My father was a self-proclaimed “entrepreneur” and inventor, so I spent most of my early  life creating things and making projects out of anything I could find. When I decided I wanted to play the guitar I took out a keyboard chord book from the local library and sat and picked out the chords on the guitar. This is how I learned to play.   I have always been really spiritual and used singing as a way to calm me down and express my feelings. This is how I learned to connect my body and my mind.


Yoga has become an integral part of my life and illuminates the same senses that music does. I Iove my community and I love being able to give the gift of yoga and music.  Music doesn’t have to be a great complex and complicated composition; music is a sound that makes others feel good.


I believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to. Since I've been living my life this way, magical roads have opened for me and the people in my life. You don't need to see where you're going, you just have to believe that it will unfold.