Donation for Trainers

Donation for Trainers



I have been volunteering for Crisis at Christmas and raising money for the charity since I was 19 years.

I have performed at the centres as a musician, been a general volunteer and also a Community Lead. I also Ran a half marathon to raise money in 2016. I won't be there physically this year, but I'd still like to do something contribute.

When I have been a general volunteer I spent time at the North London shelter and found myself in the clothing section dressing the guests, which I LOVED.

People are really generous and there were loads of pieces of clothing. Unfortunately what they didn't have enough of was trainers.

So for the last 3 years I've been collecting money and buying trainers for local charities such as Crisis (London) and The Number Five Project in Guildford.

100% of the money collected *here will go to buying of trainers our homeless.


Suggest amount £20


*Stripe card fees will be deducted