Y O G A ²

Learn while you stretch and breathe

Y O G A ²

Learn while you stretch and breathe


Stretch your maths

Studies have shown that kids learn more when they are calm and relaxed. I provide bespoke tutoring sessions to give your child the tools to comprehend mathematics and to overcome stress with examinations. Everyone learns in a different way; it's finding how we learn that allows our children to relate to the material.



                - Member of Mensa

                    - DBS checked

- Qualified Kids Yoga Teacher


Rebecca ~ 16

Loni came to help me with A level maths . Her previous experience of maths helped her explain clearly the subject . She explained clearly and was friendly . I would highly recommend her as she is determined  to allow the student to go on a journey to then succeed in the end .  

I definitely realised  that it's not always about just getting the answer right but Loni taught me how to have the correct method in order to make sure I understand the topic.

Sarah ~ mum of two

Loni has been an inspiration to my two girls, who have really developed a love for learning and Maths, Loni always finds ways to make the sessions interesting and meets the needs of my girls.

Maths is a great foundation for life and we need it, not just in an academic sense but also in a practical sense so we can function well in the world.  Loni has a natural ability to see how children learn and what inspires them,  I would highly recommend her and support any additional training she wishes to Pursue. Loni is professional and also well organised and is confidential, this form of trust is important when working with families.

Christine ~ mum of two

Loni Lincoln worked weekly guiding our daughters through their Maths homework weekly for 6 months. She was a real support for the girls giving them a route to understanding maths through play and exercise, and building their confidence. We weren’t sure how it would work but looking at where they were to now is  complete turnaround. Our eldest daughter has gone from lacking understanding in Maths to now being one of her favourite lessons.


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